2005-01-15 21:22:36 ET

La la la la la la....While sticking your fingers in your ears is a good tactic to piss off someone...Anyways......I've been in this funky mood of listening to 80's one hit wonders:P I must enjoy the aural abuse, or it is late. I could always blame it on the twinkies and lack of shut eye. In a recent survey 10 out of 10 insomniacs said sleeping is overated.

2005-01-16 04:17:55 ET

sleeping is! so now its 11 of 11!

What i dont get is that one hit wonders sometimes make other songs that are great but arent "hits" cuz the songs weren't on the radio.

2005-01-16 05:44:18 ET

That's how it is most of the time. But there are those super freaky albums, that on occasion do have other good songs. Just like music in general, there are so many kick ass bands that are up and coming, and some that have been around for awhile that rock. But due to the mindless masses, top 40 crap, and so forth. They really never get a chance to be recognized!

2005-01-16 05:46:51 ET

that's what i've been trying to tell ppl on my show. show them that hey, just cuz it's not mainstream doesnt mean it's no good.

2005-01-16 05:54:38 ET

Exactly.It will probaly sink in to about a 1/10th of listeners.

2005-01-16 05:59:18 ET

and then there's always the "Big in the UK but not here bands" like Lloyd Cole, Manic Street Preachers, and such. i'm also trying to give them a history lesson of alternative cuz alternative didn't start with Nirvana, so i got morrissey, the smiths, Joy Division, Robyn Hitchcock and other bands that arent played on normal radio

2005-01-16 11:13:59 ET

Nirvana...lol. I saw them open up for Ministry years ago..lol. Post punk is always a good place to start:) I hated going to clubs, and listening to people dance to my favourite songs while booty dancing and grinding.Especially when they lyrically had no friggin idea what the song was even about! If there is a group you like, to know about, always check them out before doing something stupid like that.Just goes to show ya, people never pay attention to the most intricate detail.

2005-01-16 11:34:03 ET

i kno. it's like hello... poseurs. i knew this guy, decked out in StainD t-shirt, i'd bne like, so what's the words to Mudshovel. he'd be like ,What?

2005-01-16 13:33:53 ET

Ha ha ha ha......One word used to describe that,"NIMROD!"

2005-01-16 13:43:07 ET

my fav are the lil teenboppers with The Clash and Sex Pistols patches on them. Misfits and Dead Kennedys too.

2005-01-16 13:45:16 ET

Myself. I am a Joy Division, Warsaw, New Order fanatic to a tee.I just find stuff in their music all the time:)A true lover of a bands shirt isn't black, it's faded grey, smells like smokes and alki, with a hint of blood smear!

2005-01-16 13:51:56 ET

you and gage sound like two peas in an odd goth pod.

My own tastes goes from industrial (almost every NIN cd is in my collection of nonbootlegs), punk, indie, techno, 80s pop, and even a country cd (John Prine is an odd odd lyricist.).

2005-01-16 14:05:05 ET

I have all Frontline, albums, singles, b-sides,and side projects. Ocasionally I'll wander to 80's, Old punk, Minimalist Industrial music, and old, old school rap(cause it's silly, like that!)

Gage and I like some of the same stuff, But at the same time, have different tastes. Which isn't a bad thing. He always plays a unique mix of music, so I'm always asking him what he is playing:)

2005-01-16 14:10:12 ET

that's a lot cuz i think FLA did what...like 60 albums and singles (or was that nitzerebb....) so u got their stuff they did with Fear Factory then too?
I've rarely seen anyone own a Mindless Self Indulgence original album (i got the live, but that's it. the others i got bootleged).

he sounds pretty well versed in music. which reminds me, my show is on in less than an hour!

2005-01-16 14:14:18 ET

Actually I was listening to FLA Fear Factory remixes last night:), funny you should mention that! Intermix is another cool project of theirs.

Good luck with the show:)

2005-01-16 14:16:02 ET

thanx. i need a following. Cuz it's a odd mix. basically, all i just listed (cept the country) under one roof. i have to compete with Desparate Housewives and Boston Legal being on during my show....

2005-01-16 14:20:10 ET

Ah! I see. I don't watch that much tele anymore, except for Lost and Gage now has me hooked on the new Battlestar Gallactia, The newChic that plays Starbuck is friggin Hott with two t's!!!!!

2005-01-16 14:23:26 ET

true she is.

Also, FLA news: Gonna be on a compliation from Cleopatra Records in February called Best Of Cryogenic Studios

2005-01-16 14:41:38 ET

Mmm. Joy Division + New Order.

It's a little disconcerting when you're listening to a radio show, going on about how you remember what "this song came out!!" and then they DJ starts blathering about how it's old-school retro.


2005-01-16 17:22:28 ET

No crap!I hate how all these new artists sample the old stuff. and label it as new. Stupid pricks!I almost lost when I saw a r and b video, with Sting in it, and using The Police samples in it. I understand that money is money! But where is your dignity man!

2005-01-16 17:40:03 ET

some of these colloborations stink of money, like Toby Keith with Nelly.

2005-01-16 17:41:35 ET

Yeah! Definately stink.....definately....

2005-01-16 17:47:04 ET

some of them rap match ups smellth too...

2005-01-16 18:08:45 ET

yes sir they do!Kind of like Biz Markie trying to do some KMFDM! What a treat that would be!

2005-01-16 18:40:21 ET

Someone needs to explain to me why so many of these rap guys shuffle around like their heads are on slinky's.

2005-01-16 18:44:03 ET

Like the little bobbing head dogs people have on their rear window dashes!

2005-01-16 18:46:45 ET

Can someone please explain why? I just don't 'get' it.

2005-01-16 18:48:25 ET

Thats like asking to explain, people like Jaime Kennedy on Malibu's most wanted...WTF! DOn't be a player hater...lol

2005-01-16 19:17:10 ET

I've never seen it, don't know who Jaime Kennedy is.. so I'll just nod and smile politely. :D

2005-01-16 19:25:40 ET

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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