2005-01-16 19:04:08 ET

Six minutes and counting to offical turd day of the week!!! No applause. Just teeth gnashing, brow furrowing, and the worst day of existance coming to a close soon. I must be in a funky mood currently. Been listening to odd 80's music all night...*smacks self...That felt rather good!

2005-01-16 19:15:19 ET

I love 80's music!! I have a really unhealthy Wham! obsession...

2005-01-16 19:26:31 ET

Cool beans.....

Been listening to old Joy Division and Warsaw tonight.

2005-01-16 19:31:42 ET

Joy division is good too.

2005-01-16 19:34:52 ET

Yeah! I so wish I could've seen them live with Ian Curtis! Adream of mine.

2005-01-17 03:48:53 ET

turd day for me too!

2005-01-18 13:32:26 ET

Today was turd day squared as usual!

2005-01-18 13:38:30 ET

my turd day of work hasn't started yet!

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