2005-01-22 14:39:32 ET

At work on Friday.One of our carpenters said that our boss was shifty and distrustful, cause he had those shifty little piggy eyes! What ever the case, I started laughing uncontrollably! Come to think of it. He does have those beedy little eyes!

2005-01-22 15:47:52 ET

shifty little pig eyes? O_o

2005-01-22 15:50:17 ET

Yeah! Those beedy little smoldering lumps of shiftiness, with a hint of bacon to boot:P

2005-01-22 15:50:37 ET

bacon O_o

poor pig. it's being compared to your boss.

2005-01-22 17:01:21 ET

Does he sweat profusely at the slightest physical activity as well?

2005-01-22 23:36:16 ET

i am laughing to hard to respond! i am going to say that to people at work. "no you cannot have another cocktail bc you have shifty little piggy eyes"...bahhaahahah!

2005-01-23 04:44:17 ET

shifty eyes!

2005-01-23 06:03:50 ET

Yes shifty! Always darting too and fro. Trying not to miss anything in their piggy path. Waiting to catch someone, anyone who looks vulnerable...Shit! Imagine the newspaper headlines, if you killed someone cause of their piggy eyes, A modern version of the telltale heart!

2005-01-23 06:04:36 ET

i swear, his eyes, they darted about, like a madman man. i had to cap him.

2005-01-23 06:08:44 ET

Exactly Klemmy. This time it can't be blamed on the twinkies. Just plain old pork products!

2005-01-23 06:17:34 ET

sounds like an excuse someone liek Sid Vicious would have used.

2005-01-23 06:22:54 ET

"Well officer friendly. The gun accidently went off. I don't know how, it just did! And low and behold. I notice a dead piglet in front of me. Maybe it was his springy little tail, or his protruding snout?But I think it was his black button eyes that broke the camels back.You might say that this little piglet isn't going we we we all the way home! By the way you like bacon?"

2005-01-23 06:26:46 ET

"well sir, i do likes me some bacon. tell yas what, give me a hunk of that there bacon and we'll be even stevens."

2005-01-23 06:29:35 ET

"By the way.Do play the banji...."

2005-01-23 06:31:35 ET

" ah good, i've been wanting to play dueling banjos. u kno any charlie daniels?"

2005-01-23 06:34:48 ET

I know of him,but am not an avid listener.I just think Deliverence is a damn funny movie. And I sometimes think, what posessed REVCO to use samples from that movie!

2005-01-23 06:36:14 ET

cuz Al is a twisted individual and has to make for being so softcellish in his youth (though i loved I'm Not an effigy and Everyday is halloween).

2005-01-23 06:38:19 ET

When I saw Ministry a few years back, there were less than 100 people there. Mostly moronic pricks in shorts and polos(standing around drinking their bottled water with lime). I was pogoing about the club, beer in hand. Yelling for Uncle Al to fuck it up!

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