2005-01-24 05:53:05 ET

Couldn't go to work today! My ride decided to stay with some relatives near work all week.But the good news is, my vehicle is being repaired as I type. It would be nice to be mobile today, so I can get some shit accomplished for once. Being at home for three days straight is taking it's toll.Oh well! This is important stuff that needs to get done!

2005-01-24 06:02:44 ET

you have another car? what was wrong with it?

2005-01-24 08:02:12 ET

Just got it back.Had the old alarm taken out, front brake boosters replaced, fuel filter replaced,serpentine belt replaced.Tags put in my name,new registration,new title.Now I need a new windshield. Does it ever stop? Probaly not!

A 1998 Chevy s-10 Klemmy.I inheirited it:)

2005-01-24 08:05:50 ET

i need a new windshield too.

that yellow and red car in my gallery is supposed to fit on a S10 (once u get all the truck body off...)

2005-01-24 08:07:33 ET

Ha ha ha ha ha......Nice! You should Mad Max that sucker out!

2005-01-24 08:07:56 ET

2005-01-24 08:09:03 ET

well i had a friend parting one out, but it was 4wd (rather tall to be a hot rod....) then i streched it cuz another friend got a rusty black S 15.

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