2005-01-24 16:59:46 ET

So I was watching the tele. When I get a call on my cell. Lo and behold, the girl I dated when I first moved here.Well, I was dating her, till I got cock blocked by a supposibe friend.Weird shit is, I was talking to Gage and Demonix about her earlier.Then she calls out of the blue!Another odd thing is, she said she was thinking about me for the last few weeks.Wonder who else will call, that I dated.......

2005-01-24 17:02:05 ET

well I ain't calling ye ye freak.

2005-01-24 17:05:03 ET

Ha ha ha ha ha

2005-01-24 17:05:36 ET

*No thoughts of ex's, no thoughts of ex's.....*clicks Docs together....

2005-01-24 17:57:46 ET

dating makes me sad.

2005-01-24 18:04:40 ET

Yeah! Especially during the holiday seasons. When people are happy, and you see everyone hand in hand, except for yourself.Sitting by yourself at a a table drinking coffee.This is the time that you are actually visable to other humans. Other than that, 90 percent of the time you are invisable to everyone, even stray cats.When I;m in a mood like that, I wanna rip off a table leg and go berzerk bashing people to and fro(*similar things happen if I go on the "It's a smallworld" ride at Disneyland), It would be nice to be happy for change. Just once......

2005-01-24 18:10:00 ET

no- i don't like dating. guys fall in love too easily. they think they see something in me that they most certainly do not.

2005-01-25 14:47:33 ET

bashing things could be interesting.

2005-01-25 16:39:30 ET

Bashing, crushing, shit stomping and generally slapping the spit out of someones piehole can be amusing, under the right circumstaneces. Especially if you rightfully deserve to give it to someone:)

2005-01-25 18:42:33 ET

Oh, it's SO weird when the ex's come crawling out of the woodwork.

2005-01-26 13:12:26 ET

Yeah it is!In your head you say to yourself,"What does this person want now?"

2005-01-26 14:52:25 ET

Actually, for me it would be more like

2005-01-26 14:59:06 ET

That one too! Then run hiding right:P

2005-01-26 16:38:57 ET

For the most part. ;)

I stayed friends with most of them for quite a while until the new gf decided that staying friends with ex's was wrong, and made them stop talking to me.

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