Tuesday is ass too.......
2005-01-25 17:08:30 ET

So I got a new hammer drill from work today. I named her. Like I name all the power tools. I named her "Biatch De Luxe".

The Palm Beach inspectors were in full force today. Three units we inheirited(*from another company, that got fired.) didn't pass inspection . Or for that matter have permits to work on them. You think a company as big as mine would have done their homework! Ultimately this means, if they want to be assholes, they can shut down the entire operation at a moments notice! Which means no duckets to pay bills! Which is really fucking bad!!! And means more stress! Just waiting for that speech, to go home, and come back in a couple of weeks:(. I fucking swear......

2005-01-25 17:43:18 ET

it's 'ducats,' dear.

2005-01-25 18:05:13 ET

Thats's the redneck pronunciation! i also call cash. Greenbacks, lettuce, moola,Jacksons, etc etc:P As an English teacher once said, if it is mispelt, it's not wrong. It's just a new word:)

2005-01-25 18:30:30 ET

it's pronounced 'duckets' in english, but not spelled like that.

and that teacher ought to be drug out and shot.

2005-01-25 18:34:20 ET

*Gets out red crayon...and hands english paper over to you. I know I don't get to advance to the gold SRA reading lab group.

That teacher was a columnist for many magazines.And I enjoyed his class tremendously:)

2005-01-25 18:34:53 ET

i remember sra! omg.

2005-01-26 01:32:42 ET

biatch delux... beautiful...torches are fun to name too. Like Arson maker, Sir Zaps alot.

2005-01-26 13:11:32 ET

Or what we call electricians...aka:Sparky! Naming things is fun. My last drills name was, "Bitch Killa 4"...sadly, she got yanked at work, and never saw her agin:(

2005-01-27 14:15:25 ET

i had a mouse i tried to flush down a toilet:Damn Mouse in A Bag.

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