2005-01-29 20:27:16 ET

Spoke to my mum today. She is still really out of it. She told me that in 2 months time they would have been married 25 years.A quarter of a century. I always wonder what that would be like, being with someone for 25 years plus, when my lonegest relationship was four and a half years long?!The thought boggles me at times.

Since my family is not the church going type. My family decided to have a wake at their house for my dad.She decided on using tea candles, for everyone that attends. And special ones for each family member, including the doggies. She knew that I have no way to get there and understands that:(, same goes for my brother in Texas. But my brother John in Texas is going to transport dad's ashes back to England. I guess it is his form of closure.

I asked my mum if I could have something small of my stepfathers to keep with me,nothing big, just something small for luck. I did the same thing when my real father passed. I keep his old dog tags with me all the time. More of a respect thing.

If you think about it for a bit. You could go at any time. Be snuffed out of existance in the wink of an eye!Be a cosmic splat on some demi-god's sandal. Or a stain somewhere on the horizon. Just think.....

2005-01-29 20:43:06 ET

awww *hugs*

I think about that all the time........

2005-01-29 21:24:48 ET

all that thinking gets u is a headache. lol. it is hard though for the closure cuz of all the things u always wanted to say but didn't. i bet he was a great guy.

2005-01-29 23:53:57 ET

my prayers & sympathies to you & yer family.

2005-01-30 05:53:47 ET

chamber: Thanks:)

innerbeauty:Hugs back.

Klemmy:In some respects, yes. Near the end, our conversations tended to get shorter and shorter. But I understand what was going on. And yes again. He was a great guy, and extremely grumpy too:)

2005-01-30 05:56:45 ET

I loved hanging out at the store with you guys and watching the banter going back and forth heh.

2005-01-30 06:02:51 ET

Yeah! That was always fun. See. Azmodan knew he was grumpy:)I learned alot about antiques working there at the store. And I also learned, never work with family either.

2005-01-30 07:12:37 ET

I think we all think about that fact all the time.. they key is to live in the present, and truly enjoy every moment.


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