2005-01-30 10:22:54 ET

People are generally a clueless mass. That tend to look left and right, but never up. When they do have that urge to look up, Maybe they will get a better picture of the world around them, and how it does not revolve around them.

2005-01-30 14:42:16 ET


2005-01-30 15:05:46 ET


2005-01-30 15:48:30 ET

The things that I think about, when I'm at work.

2005-01-30 15:52:47 ET

i want to wear a shirt that says:

Dear UPS:

I am not an ox.



2005-01-30 16:24:26 ET

or how about this one......

"Will fuck for food!" on a shirt

2005-01-30 16:24:40 ET

think that has been done.

2005-01-30 16:25:24 ET

Shows how much I get out......:P

2005-01-30 16:34:30 ET


Ass...the other vagina.

Has been done.

2005-01-30 16:35:20 ET

"Cat. The other white meat!"

2005-01-30 16:35:36 ET

or substitute cat for beaver:P

2005-01-30 16:36:44 ET

rednecks might have that. and not know the real meaning.
how about:

I <3 Taco Salad.

2005-01-31 12:28:34 ET


2005-01-31 13:53:24 ET

Klemmy: Wouldn't the opposite of that one be...I <3Burritos with sour cream? Lmaso........


Hey! Nice Gorditas....*wink wink..nudge nudge!!!

2005-01-31 13:54:04 ET

how about:

do you want my Chulupa?

2005-01-31 13:57:29 ET

How about..."Fancy a Chulupa rub?" It will baffle people for about 5 minutes or so...

2005-01-31 14:25:43 ET

ooo that could work.

2005-01-31 15:09:22 ET

No gerbil racing please!

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