2005-02-01 15:48:17 ET

Bleh! Fucking bleh..Finally got the last bit of paperwork in to file for a tax return.

My company today got fined 55 grand, up in Orlando, for not having proper work permits for the crew that is up there. So about 18 people where I work in Boca got sent home today, until they get their finger out of it, and fill out the paper work. 4 carpenters quit on Friday, found out about that at the end of the day today. Ran out of supplies at about 2 this afternoon. So I looked for stuff to do to be occupied.

Just in an Eh! mood today. Just not happy about next week at all! I always get moody during the year. This year more so, cause so much has happened in the first month of this supposible glorious new year. I'm pretty much done with 2005 already. Maybe something will come of it? Knowing Murphy's Law it won't!!! As you can see I'm an optimist:P, at least for this moment in time!

2005-02-01 16:03:32 ET

murphy's law is always in effect!

2005-02-01 16:07:50 ET

Murphy beds are always in season!

2005-02-01 20:54:10 ET

does that mean they are "good eatin'"?

2005-02-01 23:23:22 ET

Depends who you are with on the bed:)

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