2005-02-03 15:17:21 ET

Today was a fuck it all day at work! Soldered pipe, got three new burns from dripping molten solder. Seemed like an endless day of repairs, from people not paying attention as usual.

Talked to my aunt who lives in Melbourne. Apparently my cousin is getting married in August. I told her that my cousin should just elope!Save all the hassle and elope. I figure when I eventually find the right person, I want to elope. Elope to Vegas or something crazy like that....

2005-02-03 15:23:35 ET

i might be eloping myself with my girl...

2005-02-03 15:27:50 ET

i always wanted to elope and then get it anulled so i could refer to "my first husband," but then that dumb slut britney spears ruined it for the rest of us! ugh!

2005-02-03 16:07:27 ET

I want to elopeto Vegas, and have fun at the electronics convention..wink wink....

2005-02-03 16:10:43 ET

i wan to elope during the avn.

2005-02-03 17:35:43 ET

Exactly my thought....Woohooooo:)

2005-02-03 17:59:28 ET

ahhh.. eloping.
We'd love to do that, but we'd never hear the end of it.

2005-02-04 00:22:56 ET

A few relatives would be miffed about it!But come on Vegas eloping and AVN....all in one shot!

2005-02-04 02:43:23 ET

Are you near Melbourne?

2005-02-04 05:04:22 ET

Skav- miffed isn't quite the word that came to mind... it would be more like, "livid".
Many are pissed enough that D and I are having such a small wedding (immediate family only at city hall), but D's sister is getting married in August, and it's going to be HUGE.. so it makes up for ours. meh.

2005-02-04 07:14:54 ET

lol ... my mom would kill me and leave my poor husband a widow if i eloped.

2005-02-05 06:05:31 ET

Maelstrom: Nope...Down in good old Miramar(*between Ft.Lickmynuts and Miami...lol) But on occasion I visit my aunt and uncle up there, when my uncle isn't in Tallahassee on business/work.

Winter:Nah! No livid:P My friends wedding was huge, 150 people, and then friends of friends kept showing up unannounced. So I want a uber small one...aka...eloping:)

2005-02-05 06:45:19 ET

Good call.
My boy is the only son in a rather traditional Chinese Buddhist family. If we eloped, we would never, ever hear the end of it. Ever. EVER.

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