2005-02-05 06:00:29 ET

Added a few more pics. Need to get some news ones though. For some damn reason I hate having my picture taken. Maybe it's the years and years, of relatives forcing me to pose or something?

2005-02-05 07:42:04 ET

Sexy as always sweetheart.

2005-02-05 08:23:30 ET

Since I am in this type of mood, my reply will be....."Eh!"

2005-02-05 09:10:42 ET

An excellent reply at that. ;)

2005-02-05 12:28:21 ET

Thanks Excessive and Winter.....

2005-02-06 09:30:31 ET

Eh! Well pfft on you and your "Eh"!
I know what I am talking about!!!! =)

2005-02-06 09:48:04 ET

Oh really now, do you! Notice bratt has two t's!!!! Are you sure you know what your talking about?

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