2005-02-06 09:05:54 ET

So... What do I want for my birthday? Good question. Haven't been asked that in years. Hmmmmmm....

2005-02-07 15:12:32 ET

Tough call. Any idea at -all- ?

2005-02-07 16:29:10 ET

Some....I like the small things that people give, as oposed to the big extravagant things. Always been that, always will be. I could happy with something that someone oddly enough found out of the blue and thought of me.....

2005-02-08 06:48:37 ET

The gifts that people actually put -thought- into are always more meaningful.

2005-02-08 13:44:50 ET


2005-02-08 18:12:41 ET


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