This year Tuesday suxs too....
2005-02-07 18:13:03 ET

Less than a friggin hour to go...* Rolls eyes!!!! Just be over o' hatred day!!!!!

2005-02-07 18:55:57 ET

Lets write Bush and see if we can get him to annul Tuesday!

2005-02-07 18:58:26 ET

Happy Birthday Skavmiester!

2005-02-07 19:11:42 ET

happy b-day!

2005-02-08 00:35:30 ET

Thanks Negated and Angelfuck. I woke up this morning, and Azmodan had written on papers," Happy B-day" and one page with a stick figure nekkid chic:P, and posted them on the kitchen cabinets. It was funny:P

2005-02-08 04:27:22 ET

happy birthday, you bastard!

2005-02-08 05:04:26 ET

happy birthday darlin'!!!!!!!!!!

2005-02-08 05:56:27 ET

Happy Birthday Robert *big hug*

2005-02-08 07:29:56 ET

happy birthday!

2005-02-08 13:51:53 ET

Awwwww....*Blushes beet red like.....Big hugs to excessive and to pixie....:)(*Thanks for the call!)

Manly handshake to Demonix(*Gives Demonix a cig.)

And Self Proclaimed Geek...Give someone a stomp in the pit at that Gwar concert for me......

2005-02-08 14:09:01 ET

I would... but it was almost a week ago heh

2005-02-08 14:20:03 ET

happy birthday!

2005-02-08 15:01:31 ET

Thanks Klemmy:)

2005-02-08 15:02:20 ET

you're welcome. And the nekkid chicks are in teh mail ;)

2005-02-08 15:05:53 ET

Woohoooo... Question though Klemmy..How will they breathe in the envelope?

2005-02-08 15:09:00 ET

u kno... i should have thought of that before i sent them...well then... u'll be getting dead nekkid chicks. Hope u're a necro. lol.

2005-02-08 15:09:23 ET

paper is largely porous. unless it's like, a manila envelope . . .

2005-02-08 15:25:42 ET

Hmmm......Necro you say?I can see this for a first date.Here it goes...Hey! That was a great date.* couple starts making out..and end up in the bedroom.The girl says she feels kinky..Guy smiles,"Kinky you say?" "Alright.", says the guy.He tells the girl......"Fill the tub with ice, and stay still and don't breathe!"....Next on Jerry Springer...

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