No hair.....
2005-02-09 17:47:43 ET

So yeah......I was complaining about how fucked my hair looked, so Az made a suggestion. That I shave my head to stubble. So..yeah again.Haven't shaved my head completely in years, I figured why not!Damn it feels good:P I like when you go to a hair stylist. And they use their clippers on your scalp:P Must be the buzzing and feel of the cold stainless steel against your scalp. Makes ya want to have a cig right there!!!

2005-02-09 18:07:37 ET

dear god. that just made me think of those stainless steel vibrators ...

bald heads/shaved heads are extremely sexy and hot.

2005-02-09 18:13:05 ET

Like when the catalog,"Fingerhut" sells neck massagers, and they are actually vibes:P

2005-02-09 18:14:08 ET

oh my. i didn't know that. learn something new every day.

2005-02-09 18:41:40 ET

Shaved heads = awesomeness.

Except on me. I look really, REALLY bad with no hair.

2005-02-10 04:05:12 ET

yeah it does. Can you pass me one? :)

I've thought about shaving my head, but haven't done it yet. Still thinking. :)

2005-02-10 13:45:54 ET

lol...a new trend. Move over caesar haircut. Think of shaved as the new Peter Garret look!

2005-02-10 14:06:25 ET

i think harriet carter sells them too...

2005-02-10 14:07:29 ET

Harmon wants to shave my head.....


2005-02-10 14:17:18 ET

if you have the right head shape, it can be sexy as hell.
Go for it.

2005-02-10 15:02:52 ET

I've dated girls that haves haved their heads! This one friend, she would shave her head, and purposely wear wigs for a different style everyday:)I think it's sexy as hell!!!!

2005-02-10 15:32:53 ET

It reallyreally suits some people.

2005-02-10 16:26:23 ET

It does!So do you want that waxed, of buffed with turtle polish? That's a comment for chrome domes only:P

2005-02-10 16:47:59 ET

no no ... i have a better line for shaved heads but there's an action that goes with :D

of course, every time i use it, i get into LOTS of trouble

2005-02-10 16:49:51 ET

The solar powered scheme?

2005-02-10 19:01:50 ET

I would look


2005-02-10 19:11:20 ET

i shall not divulge my line for shaved/bald heads. it will get me into great trouble ... besides, it's much better to show in person :D

2005-02-10 19:11:51 ET


2005-02-10 19:15:15 ET

*LAUGH* I can only imagine.

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