2005-02-13 18:57:53 ET

Blah! Just added a pic of me, with my new shaved head on page 2.

2005-02-13 19:14:26 ET

you look absolutely overjoyed

2005-02-13 19:23:37 ET

Is that an offer or a threat good buddy?

2005-02-13 20:27:42 ET

Technicaly speaking, I'm not a photogenic person.And that pic was my tribute to V-day...blah.....

2005-02-13 21:08:51 ET

you like like one of the producers of the Jay and Silent Bob movies, Scott Mosier, in it. Or a manly Micheal Stipe.

2005-02-13 21:26:28 ET

I'd rather be Peter Garett:P

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