2005-02-15 17:34:33 ET

Just pondering how to make about four grand quickly!That is all I need to catch up on rent till April, finish the house and proper paperwork, and be gone out of this state!

Tomorrow, I am going to see my aunt(*Who's a twat), and were going to sit down, and look at my father's mortgage, and talk to Well's Fargo about loan counseling. Fuck counseling. I just want to sell the place and move forward, not stay here!!! And I have told her that,but she speaks to me as if I were of her students(*She's a principal),,,*rolls eyes! So dealing with her after work tomorrow should be a treat!

Yesterday was ass! As is most Monday's. Everyone at work was in a mood. Especially me.Till I got a cool text message from a friend, it made the day better!!!!At about the time I drifted off, I get a call on my cell....My ex:(, wishing me a happy V-day, the last thing I needed.My mom also sent some pics of my stepfather just before his passing, they arrived yesterday as well..Talk about a fucking kick to the groin!!!!

The computer I have is acting bat shit like. So Az is going to have to, re-format my entire drive.Maybe it will be happier? Something good has to happen this year.....Just something.....

2005-02-15 18:32:37 ET

My computer has been acting funny lately too. Goodluck dealing with the twat aunt tomorrow!

2005-02-16 14:05:22 ET

She reschuduled for Friday...Blah!

2005-02-19 05:30:54 ET

I hate stupid twat aunts.

I have one who wouldnt listen to me about her 13 year old daughter who cuts herself and now the girl is in a pysch hospital and her marriage is falling apart.

My other aunt's a twat too but not such a big one -- she just treats me like Im fucking 5.

WOO! Sorry -- had to get that out to somebody who UNDERSTOOD THE TWAT AUNT SITUATION. I hate to see them and be talked down upon. Its like "hi -- I pay my OWN bills. I have my own job. I dont want your icecream and a trip on the friggin loopdeeloop..."

<3 :)

2005-02-19 08:38:33 ET

No shit! Up until now, The aunt that lives closet I've seen twice in a year and a half. And my other aunt, seen her once in two years. They only contact me, if the need something! No friendly, hellos, or remembering of birthdays, just when they want something fixed! Hence one of the reasons I am moving! I can get the same mistreatment living in the boondocks from complete strangers, let alone family!

2005-02-24 09:04:45 ET

Oh my god -- I see (saw -- Im in Turkey now) my aunts every friggin week. One lives 10 minutes down the road, the other 20 minutes in the neighboring town. The full twat-assed aunt only calls or comes when she wants a babysitter for her over-fed child, and the half twat-assed I only see at my gramma's house (5 minutes away) but everytime she pisses me off SO bad. Like unbelievably bad. Like "ohhhhhh look at that -- she got a JOB! how cute???? What?? Oh no no -- let's go to the other room and talk politics AWAY from Birkiz -- she's too young and stupid to understand. She's only a 5'7 five year old with gigantic fully developed breasts. No need to rot her brain."

Uff ya -- sizi sikim ya!!!!!!!!

I HATE STUPID, TWAT AUNTS. I hope your aunt situation passes soon. Man, I had to move to another freaking COUNTRY to be left alone. Good luck!

2005-02-24 13:45:40 ET

That sounds nice...another country!Haven't travelled abroad in ages:P

2005-02-24 22:06:36 ET


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