2005-02-16 14:10:24 ET

Come to find out today. My Aunt that I dislike, had all the paper work that I needed . Now my other aunt, said she had talked to my first aunt, and said they had spoken about refinancing my dad's place. Which in essence means, I sign it over to them:(, My rent would drop, but they could choose to boot me, whenever they wanted too!I am just so fucking livid right now!!!A beer and a fucking massage is so needed right now!I have to see her on Friday, and talk to the mortgage company to see what's up. I was right...shit never ends!

2005-02-16 14:17:09 ET

Fucking hell.
Do you -HAVE- to sign it over to them??

2005-02-16 14:20:44 ET

maybe u can change the forms to look a lil more bit in the favor of you?

2005-02-16 15:03:09 ET

hmmm ... i'm sure we can find away around this :)

2005-02-16 16:11:26 ET

I have to talk with the bank Friday with the aunt!She is the executor of my father's estate, which sucks!She said if I wanted to sell it, she would give me something! I'm like wtf!!! Something? She got her share of this property when my grandmother died! That's why there is a mortgage on the property in the first place!Myfather payed both aunts. And kept the house, done deal! Or so it seemed!

2005-02-16 17:11:29 ET


do you have a copy of all the documents? depending on how it is worded, there may be a way around it :)

2005-02-17 12:42:08 ET

yeah i agree with Siren. look at documents. Get lawyer. eat cake.

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