2005-02-19 08:46:58 ET

Just finished moving all my ex's stuff from the attic, and other various places. Have to pack a few more things.She is suppose to come down late Thursday or early Friday, with her mom in tow! Spiffy situation as usual! I am hoping, no extra people show up to help her. Since she has a lot of contacts on myspace.com, that reside down here. The end of a week is suppose to be a good thing, not something you cringe to! I just want to be done with the whole ordeal, and move on as peacefully as possible. Get this odd mojo, that has been hanging around since she left, gone!!!

2005-02-19 14:08:07 ET

dammit, no auction!

2005-02-19 14:11:19 ET

I am sorry! How can it be made up to ya?

2005-02-19 15:56:49 ET

give me shoes.

2005-02-19 17:49:35 ET

No boots?Tsk tsk tsk...I thought you'd want the boots at least?

2005-02-19 18:25:02 ET

boots are shoes. :D

2005-02-20 03:47:58 ET

You are forgeting this one thing....I'm a guy, how do I know the difference. To me a shoe is a shoe. But a boot isn't a shoe to me.

2005-02-20 12:35:13 ET

a shoe goes on your foot; it's like geometry, how a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn't a square.

2005-02-20 13:02:51 ET

So the round shape, doesn't go into the star shaped opening? Garsh.......

2005-02-20 13:08:49 ET

clever! i knew you'd pick up on it.

2005-02-20 13:10:40 ET

Do I get a cookie now? Or perhaps a gold star next to my name! SRA reading labs rock my socks......

2005-02-20 13:33:40 ET

no, you get to give me shoes! :)

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