Anyone want a Skav?
2005-02-19 13:14:57 ET

How to make a Skav

3 parts anger

1 part silliness

1 part empathy
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of emotion and a pinch of salt. Yum!

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2005-02-19 13:50:01 ET

I wonder how much of a hangover one would have after several Skav's.

2005-02-19 13:50:43 ET

a killer hangover......but from what I hear worth it lol

2005-02-19 13:51:36 ET

Hahahah. I don't doubt it.

2005-02-19 14:10:33 ET

Oh! Did I mention...That the Skav comes with extra cherries, and a little umbrella!

2005-02-19 14:12:12 ET

As long as it doesn't have whipped cream.

2005-02-19 14:15:09 ET

Nope! I'm not a fan of whipped cream either. So your safe:)

2005-02-19 14:31:24 ET

Good, good.
I'm lactose intolerant, so whipped cream = projectile vomiting. :D

2005-02-19 14:34:32 ET

he kinda likes the projectile stuff....he's a weirdo lol

2005-02-19 14:35:07 ET


2005-02-19 17:51:42 ET

I'm not wierd. Maybe a smidge or heaping handful of kink-o-rama:P

2005-02-19 17:53:40 ET

nothing wrong with a good dose o'kink.

2005-02-19 18:01:37 ET

Been so long for kink, I almost forgot what that was...*looks in dictionary.Would someone draw that for me on paper if I give them a crayon?:P

2005-02-19 18:13:20 ET

Only if it's an interesting colour, like "bruise blue" or "sanguine".


2005-02-20 03:43:59 ET

How about pink, with little duckies and bunnies?

2005-02-20 06:20:08 ET



2005-02-20 06:56:11 ET


2005-02-20 07:14:44 ET

what? I LIKE bunnies. o.O

2005-02-20 09:02:00 ET

Me tooo...I have a tat of a dead bunny head, holding a skull cherry in his mouth:)

2005-02-20 11:35:50 ET


It's not Nny's dead bunny, is it?

2005-02-20 12:20:02 ET

Not that I know of. Just a design I came up with:P

2005-02-20 12:50:40 ET

mmkay. That's alright then. :)

2005-02-20 13:01:39 ET

He's a friendly headless wabbit:P

2005-02-20 17:56:25 ET

oh happy, happy day.

2005-02-20 23:18:33 ET

Monday now. Blah!!!!!!

2005-02-21 06:35:05 ET

indeed. uber-blah.

2005-02-21 13:10:48 ET

*groans....Monday be gone!

2005-02-21 14:46:01 ET

almost gone!

2005-02-21 15:45:02 ET

Yeah! Not soon enough though:P

2005-02-21 15:48:43 ET

Well... soak in a bath, do your nails, watch Pretty In Pink and you'll forget ALL your worries.

2005-02-21 15:50:57 ET

Come to think of it. I do need a manicure...*ponders....I could also use a hand massage:P

2005-02-21 15:59:46 ET

there ye go.

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