2005-02-21 13:19:27 ET

Two days till the twat ex arrives to pick up her shit, With her mother in tow! Should go smooth hopefully?!

Kept to myself at work again. Started at 6:50am-5:15pm. Just took my list of things to do and did them. No help. No talking to any other co-worker. No hassles. No bothers. Just did my shit, and left work.I had two things on my mind all day, music and thinking about a house.Yup!Things that get you through the day.Drove home listening to FLA-Millenium album for the umptenth time. But that's okay. I consider it mood music for traffic and what not.Feels good to be home, shoes kicked off, and quiet. until tomorrow.

2005-02-21 13:20:18 ET

It will go smoothly!!

In my opinion, keeping to self is the best thing you can do. :)

2005-02-21 13:21:24 ET

I agree. Especially working with complete tools!

2005-02-21 13:21:41 ET


2005-02-21 13:29:05 ET

Add in lack of structure, drama, unorganized chaos, illegal aliens, people who have more drugs than a pharmacy, kleptos, a boss with severe Oliver North syndrome/ADD, gospel music, nepitism, inbreeding, someone elses cousins/brother/uncle/nephew, alcoholism, he said~she said type shit, lack of supplies, no permits, mold problems, and no overtime or time and a half, and you have the company I work for, in a nutshell!!!

2005-02-21 13:30:50 ET


where do you work?

2005-02-21 13:34:34 ET

For a company out of Pompano, here in Florida. They sell wholesale parts to companies that remodel. But I work for their remodeling division.Sad shit is. I've heard that we are their best crew in Florida. That's fucking scary!

2005-02-21 13:35:38 ET


well, with such high working condition standards, you'd bloody well BETTER be the best!!

2005-02-21 13:48:08 ET

Yikes.......... gotta love Florida.... your work environ makes my little 500 feet for warehouse, manufacturing, and 2 offices sound like utter bliss.... I can't complain though

2005-02-21 14:50:56 ET

Eww. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun there. o.O

Why is your ex bringing her MOTHER with her??

2005-02-21 15:49:59 ET

She was going to bring her friend. But her friend is too busy meeting/fucking people off myspace.com. So I guess mommy was second choice! Plus mommy has the money.I told her she should rent a small u-haul trailer, to get everything. But her mom, doesn't like trailers. So.....I guess she is going to rent a storage space here in Southern Florida. Makes no fucking sense to me.My thinking is...Get all the stuff in one fail swoop! More than likely, she'll forget to pay for storage, and her stuff will be sold anyways. Outta my hands!

2005-02-21 16:00:47 ET

Well, as long as her stuff gets taken away, right?

2005-02-21 16:02:32 ET

Exactly. It being around, just makes the air heavy and uncomfortable

2005-02-21 16:07:42 ET

Bad mojo, baby.

2005-02-22 14:53:14 ET

now if u convinced her to ship it UPS and it happened to come my way i could help her stuff disappear. no questions asked and she'd fill out insurance reports. Then again, it's have to go through Chicago for me to do so.....

2005-02-22 14:59:31 ET


2005-02-22 15:16:27 ET

hey u just make sure it sticks out and i can drop the immensly heavy belt on it..or drop a heavy box on it "accidentially"

2005-02-22 15:22:55 ET

that would be a GREAT thing!

2005-02-22 15:27:24 ET

it happens all the time too...that's the sad part.

2005-02-22 15:36:25 ET

remind me never to ship anything with UPS

2005-02-22 15:39:03 ET

i know you guys do the gorilla luggage tests on my parcels.For instance, I swear there was a butt print on my x-mas package, or was it teabag spanking marks?

2005-02-22 15:41:54 ET


2005-02-22 15:52:22 ET

*dies laughing*

2005-02-23 01:32:20 ET

now if u have our UPS Stores do the packing, they understand the rigors of shipping. So they have it pretty well packed (The GoomBot made his trek from NYC to here via UPS Store and he's got no visible damage).

yes we do. oh and if any of you want no one to even think of stealing what's in your package, write in all caps, WARNING! CONTAINS BOAR SEMEN! we actually had a truck that was 1/2 filled with boxes that said that. plus bull semen goes through our service all the time (i'd like to see what goes into returning that....um yea i'd like a refund on my bull-semen, it's not doing a thing for my cows....).

2005-02-23 07:34:14 ET

damn that faulty bull semen.
Man, and I thought dealing with human male fluids was icky. *shudder*

2005-02-23 07:48:08 ET

they go through in these big containers, either in a gem shape or in another that sorta looks like a fat pawn from chess. sometimes the dry ice will spill out if people dont handle them right...

2005-02-23 08:02:23 ET

Oh geez!!! I loaded trucks for UPS for a little while several years ago, thankfully no containers of that description came by -

2005-02-23 08:08:24 ET


2005-02-23 08:30:13 ET


2005-02-23 12:03:35 ET

Remember....."Milk a bull! It'll be your friend for life!"

2005-02-23 12:46:13 ET

and the services have silly names too...like Depend-A-Bull, Semex.

2005-02-23 12:47:11 ET


2005-02-23 12:51:34 ET

i'm quite serious on the names. and they RETURN containers....as if they aren't proud of their bull cumsiciles...

2005-02-23 12:53:07 ET

that is GREAT!

2005-02-23 12:55:58 ET

well the pawn shaped ones are rather phallic...so guess the farmers could get jealous of them.... Depend-a-bull prolly wants their containers back so they can refill them (and prolly have one of those deposit things so if u give them back they give u back money....)

2005-02-23 12:57:26 ET


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