The call....................
2005-02-21 17:37:12 ET

Since I forgot to pay my cell phone cell phone! And since my ex, completely killed the battery in my home phone, limited phone now! So I just got fucking yelled at, and as usual with her, couldn't get a word in! She has this way of trying to be over alpha. To the point where you want to vomit chunks! I was trying to explain, to her, that I would need to know a guesstimate of when she would arrive, so I could help load her step father's truck up! Just trying to be aimable and nice, even though I don't wanna be!!!!Then I get told, that I am being a prick!!! Why? For wanting to help? Then I get asked, to leave the front door open....Yeah! Right! You stupid twat!!!! Az had a good idea. Call the sheriff, and have them stop by to moderate what goes on. Just to cover my ass! At first I thought this might have a hint of smoothness in it! But of course, it doesn't:(...FUCK....I need a super duper huge physical hug.......................................................

2005-02-21 18:09:15 ET

I'm inclined to agree with Az- get a cop over there to oversee the whole thing to cover your ass... and make sure you're nothing but a gentleman while she's there.

*sends hugs*

2005-02-21 18:17:21 ET


2005-02-21 18:58:26 ET

I tucked into bed and read him a ni ni story tee hee

2005-02-21 19:00:53 ET

Awww. What a lucky boy.

2005-02-22 00:19:42 ET

Thanks Vamp and Winter and my roomie Az....So what Dr. Seus book tonight? And don't forget to smack me three times on the head with the biggest acme mallet you can find:P

2005-02-22 04:49:07 ET

your welcome. :)

2005-02-22 14:50:43 ET


Dr. Seuess's B-day is next week (the 2nd).

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