2005-02-22 15:45:35 ET

We need to come up with a new online survey thingy, with less repetative boring questions!!!! Something new with life!!! Any suggestions?

2005-02-22 15:46:44 ET

something to do with reality tv.

that usually sells to the masses.

2005-02-22 15:50:15 ET

I think you should make it.

no reality tv!!

2005-02-22 15:52:18 ET

I was being hediously sarcastic.

2005-02-22 15:54:50 ET

Skav- why don't you come up with an interesting survey?

2005-02-23 12:09:41 ET

Okies...I'll start typing some stuff up! Please feel free to add any ideas in the mix:)

2005-02-23 12:29:11 ET

I think one of the questions needs to be

"Do you love Megan's kittens"

don't you agree? ;)

2005-02-23 13:32:34 ET

Skav - done.

2005-02-23 14:32:52 ET

Skav----Done? Huh! My train of thought just derailed:P

2005-02-23 14:37:56 ET

don't forget to add the kittens! ;)

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