Part 1......
2005-02-23 14:36:44 ET

Just got a call from the ex! She is just past South of the Border(North Carolina/ South Carolina border). She says she should be in the area, tommorrow evening sometime, and come by my house Friday morning. Odd thing is, she was friendly and nice! WTF.......

2005-02-23 14:37:34 ET

shes wants Lil Skav again. DENY HER THE PLEASURE!!!!!

2005-02-23 14:40:22 ET

yes, don't give in!!

2005-02-23 14:42:38 ET

uh oh.
Just keep your guard up.

2005-02-23 14:44:13 ET

Like I've honestly been in the urge to do much of anything lately, except work and sleep. And that's even questionable! Besides her mom is with her anyways. From what I've heard..Skav isn't such a little boy!

2005-02-23 14:45:35 ET

she was drunk, no doubt.

2005-02-23 14:46:52 ET

Not sure! Maybe she got some new meds and some alki in her...*shrugs!

2005-02-23 14:49:56 ET


2005-02-23 16:04:54 ET

I don't know why she was being nice! Maybe it's because I have her stuff, and she wants it?

2005-02-23 16:44:19 ET

yeah probably.

Besides, she has to put on the front for her mom, you know?

BTW - up for beers on friday, but karrie's won't be able to join us. I'll only be able to show after I finish some after hours work.

2005-02-23 16:59:35 ET

i still say you can return everything but the boots and shoes . . . make her beg for those.

2005-02-23 17:32:07 ET

Aight Demonix....where? I know an actual bar you can smoke in...imagine that:P Plus billard tables and stuff. A bar with your everyday working folk!

2005-02-23 18:27:05 ET

She probably -is- putting on the 'I'm so sweet, and he's such a jerk' front for mommy dearest.

2005-02-24 01:15:31 ET

yeah she's rubbing it in...

2005-02-24 13:48:18 ET

So if I were a dog! I'd be up to three piles of shit a day, from having my nose rubbed in it:P

2005-02-24 23:27:47 ET

Maybe she's going though one of those "Im getting old and I cant figure out what life is anymore" stages, so she goes back to all her failed relationships and tries to put things right, in hopes of a better karma.

Something like that. Didnt you read High Fidelity?? It's the classic scenario.


2005-02-25 04:07:48 ET

no, that's definately not what she is doing. Even though I'm on the outside of this situation, I think I can safely say that's not the case.

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