Fuck Friday's too...........
2005-02-25 10:27:19 ET

The ex left abit ago.

Last night they had problems finding a place, so they crashed here. I know it was wrong. But if someone needs a place to crash, I can't deny, someone who traveled 1400 miles. Call me a sap.

Talked with her about, alot of stuff last night.Also this morning.Helped her pack her stuff into her father's truck. Her mom was pushy, but I knew she would be. When it was time to say goodbye, Both of us lost our shit and started balling:(, The last part fucked me up. And still am a bit fucked up now!All congested and sniffly still!

Today is a zoning day........:(

2005-02-25 11:09:58 ET

i'm sorry i know how hard saying goodbye is. but just think...now you are free. truly free. gimme a call if you need anything. or if it is after 5pm we can have one helluva text message war while i am at work.

2005-02-25 14:00:12 ET

I'll give ya a buzz soon. Cell phone is still off:(

2005-02-25 15:29:49 ET


2005-02-25 16:11:37 ET

Woke up a bit ago. To find that I had a done a death grip crushing hug, to a small stuffed koala she had given me at one time.Head still hurts, so I took some asprin. Back to square one, once again. Still out of it and zoning....

2005-02-25 18:34:10 ET

It'll get better, hon. Just give it time.

2005-02-25 19:44:44 ET

I know....My roomie has been here alot, and has helped a great deal

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