2005-02-25 10:35:36 ET

You are a Radical. Right on!

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
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2005-02-25 11:26:50 ET

I was a radical too!!!

2005-02-25 13:59:08 ET

Woohooo...let's start a club:P

2005-02-25 14:00:34 ET


We need more members...

2005-02-25 14:02:57 ET

You distract them, and I'll smack them over the head with a billy-club!

2005-02-25 14:04:18 ET


*distracts them*

Hit them Skav! Hit them now!

2005-02-25 14:08:03 ET

Hits first victim...and kicks too!

2005-02-25 14:10:04 ET


who was it?

2005-02-25 14:11:26 ET

Some unsuspecting Graver walking out of a Hot Topic, with Haagen Das icecream on thier band shirt:P

2005-02-25 14:12:27 ET

Are you sure we wanted that one?

2005-02-25 16:16:11 ET

Point noted. Peers around mall for another victim.* Avoids the Carrot Top looking mofo...on purpose:P

2005-02-25 20:22:17 ET


2005-02-25 20:41:54 ET

How about the old fart in the dark socks,sandals and Bermuda shorts?

2005-02-26 08:36:26 ET

sounds perfect.

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