2005-02-26 06:43:51 ET

What to do today.....Hmmmmmm...Overslept cause I needed it badly.Thinking of doing some small repairs on the houses exterior. And going through the garage, and boxing up stuff to be donated.Atleast that will keep me distracted today.

It overcast outside, and just needs to rain.

2005-02-26 07:28:27 ET

ugh. That feeling when the rain is just on the verge of breaking is so uncomfortable.
Throw on some great music, purge a bunch of shit to donate.. it'll be good. :D

2005-02-26 07:41:50 ET

You can have the rain here. I don't want it. I'll send it your way.

2005-02-26 09:07:14 ET

I overslept too!!

If you need to be distracted, you can do my college homework for me...

2005-02-26 09:40:15 ET

Purging stuff I don't need. Just finished using one of those bug garden sprayers that attaches to your hose. Accidently got some in my eye...shit....

2005-02-26 10:49:18 ET

Be careful with that stuff!

2005-02-26 11:22:09 ET

flush it with water

and then flush it with water

and then flush it with more water.

2005-02-27 04:43:55 ET

oh dear god -- is that why you havent posted??? I SERIOUSLY hope you're not blind and in the hospital (or visa verca). Jeeze!

Geçmiş olsun! "May it (your pain, illness, problem) go away"

gech meesh ol soon


2005-02-27 05:16:37 ET

I flushed it out a few dozen times.It would suck to be a one eyed plumber!

2005-02-28 22:36:37 ET


"arrgggggh maties! Im Skav the one-eyed pirate plumber! arrrrghhhhh!"

Glad you're ok! :)

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