2005-02-27 15:43:08 ET

The cell phone is up once again:), paid the entire bill, so I'm close to broke now! At least, I can talk now, besides on the phone at home.So call away....

2005-02-27 15:47:22 ET

i dont think i have your number. or a phone card to call u :'(

2005-02-28 13:57:06 ET

Awwwww......I'll pm it too ya. Then I can tell ya what I have music wise, that you may need:)

2005-02-28 14:54:21 ET

i'll call u friday or this weekend. i think i have AJ's number still around here....

2005-02-28 17:47:43 ET

i'll call you sometime!!!!!!!

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