2005-02-28 15:29:39 ET

Drinking cider once again! Alone in the garage. Blah!

Things that come to mind today........

1)Never moon a werewolf.

2)Never play leap frog with unicorns.

3)Your enemies worst weapon is their imagination.

4)Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

5)When in doubt, Fuck it!

6)If it's to good to be true, it probaly is.

7)Bro's before ho's.

8)The rich bleed just like everyone else!

9)If it looks like shit, smells like shit, it probaly is shit!

10)Never date a best friend's ex.

11)Never bring a knife, to a gun fight.

12)Always wear clean underwear.

13)This is my last cigarette. Before my next!

14)I was thinking of a number. And that number is,"Fuck you!"

15)It's easy to be mean, nasty and manipulative.But it's hard to be loving, kind and tolerent!

I'm sure there are more....

*Steps off of soapbox.......

2005-02-28 16:00:21 ET

number 1 made my day.

2005-02-28 16:43:17 ET

I'd like to add...
Honor the cheese, love your woman, and defend your gym shorts.

2005-02-28 19:02:18 ET

#10 sucks indeed.

2005-02-28 23:41:48 ET

halley: Very true!

Negated:Silly! But that's okay:P

Winter: A code I have always lived by.

2005-02-28 23:42:27 ET

16)Laugh and the world laughs with you. Fart. And you stand alone.

2005-03-01 15:05:57 ET

#3 is very true. you could also add:
Your own imagination is the worst thing to run away from you.

2005-03-01 16:24:04 ET

Klemmy- that's so very, very true.

2005-03-01 23:50:18 ET

Yes it is! I need midol and chocolate:(

2005-03-02 04:35:23 ET

And a chick flick that you can get all weepy over.

2005-03-02 12:39:35 ET

There are many films i weep at...Beaches. I admit it, But i won't list the others.

2005-03-02 14:19:44 ET

Oh yes. Beaches.
I cried watching Serendipity too.

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