2005-03-03 09:19:50 ET

Doctors offices are fun...not! Got some blood taken today for an allergy test. In return I got a cotton ball and a bandage. I hate needles.....Next up was some small tests to see why two of my fingers are numb. The doctor said I have a traped nerve in my elbow region. And to actually fix it, would require surgery. If I don't get surgery on it, there is a chance, I will loose complete feeling in them, and they will basically become useless! I was also asked if I had insurance. I don't! My company I work for offered it to me. Get this...400 per month, and that's with their contribution of forty something dollars...bastards..... No wonder people loose their shite and gundown others! Going postal at it's finest....

2005-03-03 10:04:07 ET

Before you consider surgery, check out either a massage therapist, chiropractor, or even a Chinese doctor.
Western medicine is usually a little too eager to cut people open to try to fix things, while there's often alternatives they don't suggest because surgery = money in their pockets.

2005-03-03 10:17:20 ET

I couldn't affored the testing, let alone the procedure. I do want to try acupunture though:) I should ask my chiropractor if he knows of any the above mentioned that is local...Thanks for the ideas sweetie:)

2005-03-03 10:20:17 ET

hey, no problem. *hugses*

I was told I'd have to have surgery to put a pin in my lumbar verebrae when I displaced them: pilates + yoga fixed the problem completely, no scalpels required. ;) Acupuncture/pressure works wonders too.

Good luck!

2005-03-03 10:23:44 ET

"I hate needles"

this makes me giggle after looking at your tattoos in your gallery

2005-03-03 10:31:36 ET

Needles and tattoos are different!
Tattoo needles are teensy and push stuff -in-, unlike those long nasty things that take blood OUT.


2005-03-03 10:48:06 ET

*Nods.....I agree. They gave me one of those little stress balls to grasp, while finding a vein. I looked down at it, and it was in the shape of a small green brain!

Pink:Tat needles after ahwile aren't bad at all. But when your arm is numb, from like 4 plus hours of work, and depending where. Those shading needles hurt like a mofo!

Winter:Agrees.* Gets you some coffee;)

2005-03-03 10:49:53 ET

*doesn't drink coffee, but thankyou* ;)

2005-03-03 10:50:59 ET

Okies,,,Tea, water,sodie pop?Damn...I'm grabbing at straws here.* Stands in front of the fridge:P

2005-03-03 10:55:28 ET

ooo, that sounds horrible.

I think the surgery would be the best thing to do, so you don't lose the fingers...

DO NOT go postal.

2005-03-03 10:55:54 ET

some tattoo needles arnt that small....belive me i know from experience

2005-03-03 11:13:40 ET

Some filler needles have from 6 to 10 small needles on the heads of them. I know, cause when I do have spare time, I hang out with the guys at the tat shop I frequent. And they give the skinny on everything, they use.

2005-03-03 11:21:35 ET

Yeah, I had tattoo artist friends, and when I got mine done they made it a point of showing me how they changed needles, etc.

2005-03-03 11:39:06 ET

heh yeah for the nerve I would say acupuncture... or a mob surgeon.

2005-03-03 12:04:15 ET

ummm i'm not for surgery of any sort and i would say go for for acupuncture. and i agree with the big long needles taking things out compared to small short needles punching stuff in.

2005-03-03 12:14:02 ET

I'll pass on the mob surgeon thingy. I'm not a crowd person, nor a hospital person. I'll look into the acupuncture:)

2005-03-03 12:21:18 ET

Ohhhhh... just another crowd... (we need a gathering instead)

Operation Ivy moment. *ahem*

la la la la.

2005-03-03 12:27:30 ET

*Makes raspberry noises.................

2005-03-03 12:28:58 ET


2005-03-03 13:48:11 ET


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