2005-03-19 13:36:42 ET

Added a new picture to my title page, just wanted a bit of a change! Got tired of the multi coloured one...bleh......Yes! I even have my new shaved head in the pic:P

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been going through some tuff things lately. Dealing with the stress and crapola at work doesn't help things in the least! Nor does dealing with all the loose ends on trying to gussy up the homestead to sell it. And the last thing of stress is the EX! Besides numerous calls randomly, and emails, and more emails on from her! I am just a gnat's hair from pretty much loosing my shit 360 degrees:(. Hence the lack of being online too much and such.

I know I know.....Bad bad Skav.....

2005-03-19 13:52:24 ET

=O where did your hair go??

*hugs ya*

2005-03-19 13:54:26 ET

In the garbage can!!! The hairline isn't getting any better. So I thought fuck this shite...And buzzed it with no guard. Low maintenance......

2005-03-19 13:58:10 ET

You are still adorable so it dossn't really matter now does it.

2005-03-19 14:03:59 ET

I know....Just beyond the depressed state right now:(

2005-03-19 14:12:05 ET

If there is anyway I can help you know my number.

2005-03-19 14:25:17 ET

I know. But you know me....I rarely if ever ask anything of anyone!

2005-03-19 16:09:23 ET

Looks great, dearling. ;)

2005-03-19 19:05:30 ET

Dearling? Is that a step up from

2005-03-20 07:58:14 ET

it's a step down, actually. ;)
cross btwn dear + darling: a hybrid dreamed up by a friend of mine that's ended up in circulation.

2005-03-20 12:13:28 ET

Kind of like guesstimate?

2005-03-20 15:12:52 ET

come back to us Skav! We need you!

2005-03-20 15:20:27 ET

prexactly. ;)

2005-03-20 15:20:40 ET

Hey Klemmy! Just reloading up the music I use to have on my pc..sans the music I got from my ex.....

2005-03-20 15:23:56 ET


2005-03-22 09:23:26 ET

YOur head is nice :)

2005-03-22 09:23:26 ET

And I forgot to tell you -- just scream at the psycho girl in Turkish. I know TONS of random insults to teach you, dear.

The first would be orospu. Whore.
The second eşşöyleşek. Son of a donkey.


2005-03-23 00:11:42 ET

Yeah! Having a shaved head is nice! Except for the lint factor with the stubble:P

2005-03-23 02:19:40 ET

:) Yeah I have a thing for guys with shaved heads. Let's hope the crazy ex hates your new haircut and turns even MORE petty and stops talking to you! :)

2005-03-24 16:32:09 ET

Actually she is a fan of shaved heads too!

2005-03-26 01:08:57 ET

oh god... seriously? If I were you, I'd daunt a skicap for a while if so.

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