2005-03-24 16:52:05 ET

So what can we conclude from this week? Besides it being just as ass , as the previous one. Get back to ya, when I have a better answer in my cranium(*It's probaly filed under useless fucking inane facts somewhere!).

I think the highlight of my week, is re-shaving the head!*Pat's own back.

Also this week... A combination of....Depressed, thinking, depressed, sleeping, depressed, wanting to chop someone's head off with a machete(* That cuts down on at least 10 lbs or so, while disposing of the body:P), depressed and so forth! This week I felt like a ping pong table on tilt! Some minor stress doesn't help the circumstances at all!

Posted a new pic in my gallery. Taking pictures while at work, somehow calms me a bit. Maybe it's not because I am thinking while pic taking.Eh......

2005-03-25 14:08:08 ET

you're always very contemplative in your pics. must be a lot going on in that cranium!

Also, sorry for not calling yet. Been broke or when i do get phone cards, i have to waste them on calls to my leg doc or my lawyer.

2005-03-25 14:13:05 ET

Far far too much in my cranium!Another reason I have LJ(haven't posted in awhile), and a dozen written journals.

We'll catch each other sometime Klemmy! I still owe you some tunes:)

2005-03-25 14:16:07 ET

it helps with Gmail to only send 2-3 songs at a time, so it'd take forever to send an album. i've backed up a couple albums that way though (Rammstein-Reise, Reise, Morrissey-You are the Quarry, and Lloyd Cole-Music In A Foriegn Language).

i heard this FLA song on my Meteropolis 2004 compilation and it made me think of u.

2005-03-25 14:23:16 ET

Which song is that?I guess when I think of FLA....I think the song...."Laughing Pain" or the song "Sex Offender"(with the Resevoir Dogs samples, and the post apocolyptic vibe. If you listen to that track long enough. You'll hear and see emptiness, despair, drudgery, and how a person physically and mentally breaks! Not like I'm a pervy cause of the track title.....*Whistles to self!).

2005-03-25 14:42:34 ET

i think it was a song called Psychomatik

2005-03-25 15:50:12 ET

Hmmmmm... have to see if I have that one! Just picked up Acid Horses single again and The Breakfast Club(the group),and another copy of The Cool World sound track from a pawn shop..2 bucks each.

2005-03-26 00:57:10 ET

the compliation is 5.99 at hot topic. price is right!
pawn shops always have their cds so cheap. i got the Mortal Kombat soundtrack for 2 bucks too.

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