2005-03-28 15:24:53 ET

Today was nice at work. 5 people fired and 10 layed off! Unfortunately I wasn't one of them!

Have the openhouse this weekend for the townhouse. AZ and I have been busy as mo-fo's, getting last minute things done, here and there!

Just out of curiosity, does anyone on SK. Live in ,or know of anyone who lives in the Des Moines or Davenport area? Have some questions that I can't seem to find answers for online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2005-03-28 16:07:20 ET

i used to live between cedar rapids and iowa city.

2005-03-28 16:28:42 ET

I used to live in Des Moines up until last year.. I live in Wichita now though. There is one SKer from Des Moines on here though, but I don't think she signs on very much.

2005-03-29 07:14:15 ET

Cool....Trying to find out more about the areas.AKA's housing, jobs, things to do etc etc....

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