2005-04-04 17:22:15 ET

Theopen house went superly well. Got a kcik ass offer..Decided to take it, now comes all the paper shuffling, and notions of packing up stuff:)

A fresh start. Hopefully less hurt. Less being extremely depressed?!

So my fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly.....

2005-04-04 17:54:11 ET

YAY!! that's so great. :)

2005-04-05 02:00:14 ET

That is SUPER wonderful for you yay! TEBRIKLER (congrats!) sana abim! :) Ya şimdi napacan? Now what are you gonna do?


2005-04-05 05:36:51 ET

Congrats dear, now off to the great mid west right?

2005-04-06 15:03:30 ET

good luck my friend

2005-04-08 16:20:04 ET

Yes! To the midwest! But where to start the conversions of innocent souls?

2005-04-09 01:14:17 ET

try iowa. they have lots of speed labs there.
Also, check my entry. i need suggestions for my joy division tribute for sunday's show.

2005-04-09 05:40:53 ET

i am so happy for you!! and i promise sometime soon i will actually have a moment to myself and i will call you so that we can catch up!

2005-04-09 15:10:23 ET

okies Klemmy:) Joy Division is my all time fav band!!!!!!

Pixie: Sounds good sweetie:)

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