31 days to go......
2005-04-08 16:49:05 ET

So yeah.....Another Friday zoning in front of the flat screen! No bother really! Not that the money is plentiful enough to go out or anything!

This week was a cluster fuck at work! 6 people layed off on Monday, plus one more supervisor gone! Today was just as smurfy! Love those heart wrenching speeches given by your boss who's a complete and utter tool! Apparently he got demoted to supervisor from project manager. Now some other dim witted fart knocker is taking his place,arrogent, cocky and basically a prick with no field work experience what so ever! So today 18 more people were suppose to be let go! But of course....None of our management ever follows through with a fucking thing! The crew breaks down like this: 15 porters, 12 painters, 2 dry wallers,0 electricians, 2 plumbers, 6 carpenters, 9 guys for punch lists,4 guys to install appliances, 1 tool supervisor, 1 cock snot of a head supervisor, 1 ass backwards regional manager, 9 cleaners, 2 people to watch supplies and inventory, 1 rich nephew of the owner-his dorky annoying cousin(1)and 2 of his friends that don't do shite(*3 of the above have been fired 4 times each!) Yeah! Disfunctional is used very loosely! In fact 72% of our crew are inter-related(*cousins, brothers, fathers, uncles, sons, etc etc!)Nepitism at it's finest!!!!

Caring at work is not really on my agenda any more. I'll be gone in three weeks or so! 31 days till were gone from here! My father once said,"You find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and sphylis!". Just biding my time as each days dawns and sets!

Soon! Very soon..........

Oh yeah! Our company is being sued by a tenant. They are suing the property managemment company. And suing our company, over a unit that was inheirited from other contractors! Now to get that fucking cherry on top of that sundae.............

2005-04-09 01:17:27 ET

what's a punch list or are u just being funny?

2005-04-09 15:08:01 ET

No sir Klemmy.....

A punch list is just that.When the prospective tenants are ready to sign their paperwork, they go walk the entire property they are about to purchase with bankers, mortgage brokers,mold inspectors, and property evaluators. When they do this, they look for stuff that is missed in the process of renovations. A punch list crew goes down the list that is re-given to them, to fix all the minor detail stuff. They do this as many times as it takes, to get everything perfect. So they sometimes will be in a unit 6- 10 times....It's a godless friggin job!!!!

2005-04-10 08:15:41 ET

wow that is godless.

2005-04-10 13:53:31 ET

*Pat's own back...One reason I like being a plumber......

2005-04-13 23:54:59 ET

The other plumber got fired Monday, with four others! Now I am the sole plumber....Tsk tsk...wait till I give them my 2 weeks notice!

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