2005-04-11 15:39:34 ET

Monday...the root of all evil, like polyester...Sucks big time!

9 people fired today...That makes me the only plumber on site. So my total list went from 5 jobs today, to 13. And no parts! Only 4 jobs got done. It's not like I can magically pull an assitant out of asshole or something! Would be a neat trick wouldn't it though? *Ponders...Extra pay!

2005-04-11 16:04:29 ET

that would hurt the ol' anus pulling an assistant out.

2005-04-11 16:42:24 ET

yay money.

2005-04-12 10:02:04 ET

if you can pull an assistant from your bottom then i really need to find out what lube you are using. or perhaps it is one of the little fetus zombies from arsenic lullabies?

2005-04-13 00:36:17 ET

PIxie: Preferred lubes of choice are: Wett, astroglide and spit!

Angel:Money...Denied them giving me a raise at work, unless they included back retro pay:P

Klemmy:Yes it would.Then I'd have to go to Wallmart and get those "rings" changed and lubed!

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