2005-04-16 07:15:22 ET

An hour or so before therapy! Hope this session goes well?

2005-04-16 07:20:06 ET

Therapy is fun .....

well at least screwing with the doctor's mentality and state of mind is fun :)

2005-04-16 08:09:16 ET

Starting next week, I have to go to this group thing every tuesday for 6 weeks.

I don't want to go.

But I suppose I should. Maybe I can just sit there and say nothing.

Good luck with that!

2005-04-16 08:22:48 ET

yay therapy!!

2005-04-16 20:14:42 ET

ooo will the therapist have an eastern european accent? i swear there's a class on that in psych classes.

2005-04-17 02:34:20 ET

It went well. But I'm not there to mess with the shrinks cranium. There for extreme depression! Funny thing is. I sometimes mention things to the shrink, he then looks at me, and comments that he never thought of it that way! *Shrugs.......

2005-04-17 07:34:57 ET


2005-04-17 07:56:21 ET

That happens to me too!!

2005-04-17 09:17:44 ET

It's fun when that happens.

2005-04-17 13:00:49 ET

I figure it as odd..*Shrugs.

Like this last session, when he asked how my week went. I told you know,"Visable" and "Invisable days".

Visable day--Everyone and their friggin mother just has to know what you are about! Why you do what you do and so forth. And why.

Inviable day- When not even your cat will lick his beans near you. Basically you don't exist to humanity, not even on an evolutionary scale!

It baffled him when I told him about the two types of days I usually have!

2005-04-17 13:03:14 ET

An interesting idea, at the very least.

2005-04-17 13:06:00 ET

Yes, it is rather interesting. :)

2005-04-17 13:12:25 ET

I had an interesting conversation with mine about how people tend to seek out situations they're familiar with, even if those situations draw them to their own self destruction: one grows so accustomed to living in a certain way that the prospect of change is more uncomfortable than the situation they're in, so they keep perpetuating negative cycles because it's what they're 'used' to.

i.e. people who have grown up in abusive households subconsciously seeking out abusive partners because it's what they're used to, and they don't know how to be comfortable with life unless they're dealing with that particular kind of stress: the mere thought that they COULD be happy outside of that scenario is so alien to them as to be almost frightening.

2005-04-17 13:15:31 ET

I can relate to that. A lot.

2005-04-17 13:16:42 ET

Mine always cried during my sessions

2005-04-17 13:21:40 ET

I HATE it when they cry.

2005-04-17 13:36:14 ET

oohhhh.. me too.

2005-04-17 13:55:57 ET

Almost been there a few times at therapy..But mostly by myself!

2005-04-17 14:16:04 ET

I had one in tears give me a huge hug and tell me that she could learn a lot from me about strength.

that blew me away.

2005-04-17 14:22:06 ET

as I said...

I hate it when they cry.

and when I cry in front of them.

2005-04-17 14:37:09 ET

i eventually got rid of mine.

2005-04-18 23:40:34 ET

Apparently my shrink digs Skinny Puppy. What are the fucking odds on that zinger?

2005-04-19 07:04:01 ET

Mine's reading the same book as I am. :)

2005-04-19 13:00:22 ET

Wow! Shrinks are semi human I guess? Who would have thought.

2005-04-19 18:08:59 ET

It was just amusing. We were sitting there and he told me about this book he was reading, and how I might be interested in it.. I grinned, reached into my bag, and pulled out that exact book to show him. We had a good laugh over it.

2005-04-24 05:19:55 ET

Cool beans:)

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