2005-04-17 13:14:28 ET

Had four inspectors here Sat prior to therapy.
One for the roof. One for a termite inspection. One for square footage. And the grand-daddy of all cock-holsters, the main inspector. Oh yes! The prospective buyers mother, who spoke minimal english! All here at once.

Roof--Went shitty. Was told that I need a new roof! The roof was re-singled about 6 years ago. Then I am told that some of the galvanized nails are rusted. To my knowledge that usually happens when exposed to elements!And stuff like extreme sun, rain and hurricaines! I am then pulled aside with AZ, and the mother saying the roof needs repair in 3-5 years. But written on the paper work it says the roof will last 0-1 year.

Termite inspection- We have some in the wood fascia near the roof. So if I want to get it tented, the whole block needs to be done. Cause the townhouses are attached. But that gentleman was nice.

Measuring guys- Just were in my fucking way.

Head inspector---Was beyond nit picky on stuff! Like when he wrote up my personal sink for not haing a drain stopper!Though I showed him later that the stopper was clearly there on the sink counter top! Other things were stuff about code. That the average home owner wouldn't know dick about! He was a dickhead and a half!!!!!

The mother---All these inspectors were bombarding her with what they found.I'm sure it made a spiffy impression!

Yeah! Thrilling weekend....NOT!!!!

2005-04-17 13:31:53 ET

That sounds horrible and unpleasant.

I KNOW you would feel better if you came and wrote my history term paper for me! ;)


2005-04-17 13:55:11 ET

I'm pretty decent at history!

2005-04-17 13:59:18 ET

**See my journal entry

2005-04-17 16:05:14 ET

douche bag inspectors. too bad about the roof. not u area anyways/

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