2005-04-30 17:28:29 ET

Picked up the new New Order album "Waiting for the sirens call". I actually like it! Very similar to their album Technique. Nice, smooth, understandable, but yet similar verses equivalent to "1963". In the manner of pleading, regret, and second chances!!! So I fucking liked it!

Got the storage unit today. Our number is unit "C666". Un-fucking-canny! I asked the storage people if unit "1313" was taken. They just scowled at me!

10 more days till we are outta here! Friday was my last day with the blood suckers I called a job! Fucking fuckers........Nuff said......

2005-04-30 17:42:36 ET

"Fucking fuckers........" I love it...

2005-04-30 20:30:31 ET

i got it too. the album was pretty sweet.

2005-05-01 09:10:58 ET

Then there's ..."Fuck you. You fucking fuckers!" .Or..."Fuck it in the neck hole!" (A personal fav of mine:) Or just plain.."
Fuck!" All work prety much the same. But the first two have some gusto behind them:)

2005-05-01 09:11:48 ET

Klemmy: I dig the track "Krafty". Reminds me of my life so far....

2005-05-01 11:09:06 ET

theres a track i played on my show, i think it was called, I told you so.

2005-05-01 15:36:54 ET


2005-05-02 01:01:33 ET

Overall. I dig the entire album. But then again I'm a Joy Division, Warsaw, Revenge, New Order,Electronic, Monaco whore to say the least:P *Gets a smokie treat......

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