6 Days and counting........
2005-05-03 07:53:04 ET

Yup! Six days or so, and were outta here! Got the u-haul on hold. Been taking mondo ammounts of stuff to storage. Been realizing how 3 generations of shite can pile up!!!!!

It's weird. Cause as a kid, I grew up in this townhouse. Spending many summers swimming at the beach, going to Disneyland, playing with my G.I Joe's and Transformers, without a care in the world! Now, I'm selling it. And getting the fuck out of dodge! At least I'm leaving before hurricaine season:P But I look at it this way. I'm totally not happy here in the suburbs(between Miami and Ft. Lick-my-nuts). And I don't think the relatives that have passed from this world, would really care. Just as long as I am happy. That would matter to them the most! Plus it sold really quick, and for a good price. So a double bonus.

Back to packing and transporting stuff......

2005-05-03 10:45:46 ET

I suppose you're lucky that you've got 6 days. I've got at least three more months, if I can take it that long.

I've started packing up now, so I have lots of time to go through things. 20 years of stuff could take a while.

Good luck :)

2005-05-03 13:19:08 ET

i'm moving soon too so i have to sort through what i will keep and what gets rummaged off.

2005-05-03 14:29:06 ET

Know what I noticed about my wardrobe? The friggin amount of band shirts I own. Even though most don't fit, still keeping them! A natural fucking pack rat I am!!!

2005-05-03 14:36:10 ET

what size are u? cuz if they'd still fit me, i'll pay u for them! i'm very much in lack of band shirts.

2005-05-04 17:03:29 ET

Most are a size medium. Thing that is shitty is.....when you buy it ,then wear it, it fits!Wash it and the bastard shrinks. I think size mediums are actually fucking size smalls!

2005-05-05 01:11:29 ET

hmm... my brother might fit in them then...he's prolly a small right now.gives me an excuse to get his b-day gift early ;)

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