New house.....
2005-07-18 14:26:33 ET

*Raises paw......I are alive and kicking! Appologies for the lapse in communication to everyone!

Azmodan and myself made it safely to Iowa. After a brief visit in Davenport, Iowa..We moved further towards the midwest. Carroll Iowa to be exact. And so far it's been great! Found a beauty of a house..Though she needs work..She is well worth the effort!

Here's a breakdown on what she(the house).

- Built in 1902(architecture denotes it being older.)
-1/4 acre lot
-2 story
-Origionally it was a group of 7 apartments with 9 bathrooms(but that will change soon.)
-Front doors are 9 ft 10 and made of walnut(with all original bronze door knobs and hinges).
- Front porch is approximately 405 sq ft, wrap around of course.
-12ft valted ceilings with origional plaster freize work and inlays
-origional oak staircase(Eastlake style).
- A secondary rear staircase.
-Angular fireplace in the soon to be study room.
-5 room basement(approximately 1200 sq ft), with vintage coal chute:)
-Full walk up attic(approximately 1000 sq ft), with upstairs a/c and bathroom.
- 1st and 2nd floors total about 2,895 sq ft.
-All new ducting with new a/c-heater unit.

And the list goes on.......

Azmodan, my friend Colin and myself have been working on the kitchen currently,a hallway and two bathrooms so far. So our work is far from over:P Everyday we find something new, or something fucked up the previous owners had done to the house. But overall. We are busy fuckers:P

Will try too post some pics as soon as possible.....

2005-07-18 14:37:26 ET

Long time, no update huh Welcome Back!

2005-07-18 14:37:27 ET

Howdy stranger.

2005-07-18 14:43:28 ET

Thanks for the warm greetings back......

2005-07-18 14:46:30 ET

YAY!!! you're ALIIIIVE!

2005-07-18 14:48:26 ET

Unfortunately I still breathe:P And kick and frolic and thumb my nose at locals:P

2005-07-18 15:16:13 ET

I went wee wee

2005-07-18 16:33:07 ET

That place sounds amazing! Post pics! :-D

2005-07-18 19:19:10 ET


2005-07-19 01:35:29 ET

woo good to have u back!

2005-07-19 07:17:19 ET

Yes I live! The dregs of living in a small community hasn't hindered me one bit! It's made me worse actually...*whistles too self.....*Grins......

2005-07-19 19:12:25 ET

Small communities are what it's all about.

2005-07-19 21:34:09 ET

I agree. But a warning about small communities. Keep what you want private! Or by the following day, the whole town will know your business:P

2005-07-20 20:28:02 ET


My small community is made up of approximately...30 people.

I know how it goes.

2005-07-22 07:54:15 ET

We have 10,800....But it seems as if certain townfolk keep recycling themselves, and end up turning up everywhere:P

2005-07-22 12:08:31 ET

recycling themselves? this must be investigated!

2005-07-23 22:46:43 ET

An x file you say? It would be equivilent to the episode about the rednecks who were inbreeding with kin:P

2005-07-24 14:34:19 ET

that was a good episode. a banned episode if i remember right.

2005-07-24 23:57:36 ET

It was after it was first run on fox. Then it made a guest appearance on an x-files marathon:)

2005-07-25 05:36:52 ET

i think it came back one last time on fox before the show ended...

2005-07-27 03:32:51 ET

And I missed at that quaint inbreeding fun!!!

2005-07-27 13:40:39 ET

ah yes it was fun.

2005-07-31 04:23:26 ET

"You play the banji?"

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