Some found things....
2005-07-27 03:40:36 ET

So scavaging around the house...You find all sorts of neat things.But! You always have to look very carefully! Let's see..Found some childrens Victorian belt buckles, a photo from the 20's, a kick ass vintage Montain dew bottle from the early 60's, some origional oak hewn pillars from part of a porch section that was closed off years ago. And the hunt continues...Just waiting to find that odd looking lump in the wallspace..pick it up...and hope for it to be a kick ass coin of some sort! Hey! A skav can always wish.....

2005-07-27 03:44:02 ET

or you find the loose floor board and find a bunch of money.

2005-07-27 03:48:32 ET

Hey Skav do you like coins??? If you do, I can save you some of the generally out of print Turkish coins to coin collectors that float around here sometimes. Let me know!

2005-07-27 03:52:07 ET

Found some bats! Yes bats! Was working with a friend the other night. Stripping the friggin layers upon layers of paint off of transomes and the fireplace surround. When we saw a shadow out of the corner of our eyes! Thought nothing of it! Till the sucker started to dive bomb us, and do nascar laps around the first floor! We hurridly opened all available doors, and waited for it to come back! And it just sat on an exposed beam, and eyed us. Then it swooped a fifth time. I grabbed a broom, missed it twice, but on the third swing, I grazed it. Then swept it out an open door. Felt silly afterwards. Our actions were compareable to a Scooby Doo cartoon:P

2005-07-27 04:04:02 ET

lol I hate bats. :/

2005-07-27 05:32:09 ET

I love batses!!

(If you find any cool keys, lemme know?)

2005-07-27 13:44:18 ET


2005-07-31 04:22:45 ET

Things like bats are cool when they are viewed in a book, or a national geographic special. Not when swooping at you, and in groups smelling of guano:P

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