2006-01-26 21:02:34 ET

So I had a job for a few days. Wait. Not a job, but drudgery in the making! I had applied for all these jobs at a local workforce. Most jobs listed were for slaughter houses and meat packing plants! And I get a call back for a construction job that is 8 miles from home.Being a plumber by trade, I am stoked! Well I was. Until I found out the job was building hog confinements! A hog confinement is where they put piglets in. It's kinda like a cage, with a gate on one side and a feeder on the other. And above the cage there are proteins and chemicals they give the pigs intraveniously, so they are healthy and disease free. Now imagine 40 of these set ups per room x 20 rooms. With each pig producing 5 to 10 piglets. And also on the property was the slaughter house. So I can work and think of BLT'S all day....not! Now picture this. Laying on a creeper and having to bolt the metal platforms together, that are encrusted with pig feces, umbilical cords, bile, afterbirth and other stuff.....Crusted to the metal grating! Imagine myself weighing 155lbs, and lifting these plates with another worker. Plates weighing in at just over 310lbs, and crusted! To make a short story even shorter.....I quit after the third day! Got a bad sinus infection from what I was working in, with the flu on top of it. Not fucking smurfy at all!

This Monday I start a new job. A telemarketing job. Not the greatest. But at least I am indoors. Pay is alright with bonuses and benefeits, and is 2 blocks from the house. At least it'll be some money right? I am not the phone chatty type of person at all!

2006-01-26 21:05:50 ET

Personally, I wouldn't build the hog confinements, but that's just me.

2006-01-26 21:06:35 ET

I didn't know what I was getting into! Until I heard the squeels.....

2006-01-26 21:07:51 ET


2006-01-26 21:21:32 ET

i almost puked reading that. and that my friend is the reason i don't eat that shit

2006-01-27 07:31:46 ET

I figure. If you actually knew how 3/4 of the world's food is produced. You'd never eat again. Or be a vegetarian for that matter!

2006-01-27 07:40:34 ET

Live in Texas and have one of your school field trips be to a slaughter house for cows. Let's just say eating meat became a litlte bit more difficult after that.

*hugs* Sorry to hear about your pig experience. Good luck with the telemarketing job.

2006-01-27 07:43:53 ET

When Azmodan and I were looking for a house in Davenport. Just up the road from the hotel was the Purina dog food company and Oscar Meyers factory. Nothing more orgasmic than the smell of pickled loaf and puppy kibble wafting it's way up towards your hotel room. Sad thing is....Both companies are one in the same! So you tell me. What's inside that special loaf then!!!

2006-01-27 07:45:12 ET

ick ... see i can't eat hot dogs after my parents made me watch PBS and they had this show on about hot dogs and how they were made and all that great stuff ... grossed me out on hot dogs ever since then.

2006-01-27 08:00:28 ET

The only thing you eat hotdogs with is chilli or mustard. Both kill the overall flavour and taste!

2006-01-27 08:24:47 ET

meat is gross

2006-01-27 14:02:23 ET

Beaver's not though! Small furry forest creatures are great!

2006-01-27 14:06:26 ET

I could never eat something I think is cute

2006-01-27 16:05:59 ET

i can eat the meat if i kill the animal myself ... and i can skin, clean, gut and ready my meat from any animal i kill.

i'm such a little tomboy.

and bambi tastes great.

2006-01-27 16:06:58 ET

I can do it too!

2006-01-27 16:07:50 ET

just another reason we should be cat ladies together!

plus i can grow my own food :D

2006-01-27 16:08:19 ET


I'm not too good at growing.

2006-01-27 17:53:48 ET

I am good at the growing

2006-01-27 18:42:41 ET

You can do the growing.

I' myself. (see latest entry)

2006-01-27 20:03:07 ET

You bring the bambi. I'll bring the A-1 and sides:P

2006-01-27 20:04:56 ET

I'll bring the bambi, they're running all over everywhere here.

2006-01-27 20:08:39 ET

I think hunting season is almost over here.Been seeing dead bambis all over the roads around here. Saw one the other day in the classic dead dog pose......All four legs in the air. Normally I would have stopped, but a cig in the bambis mouth....And snapped a pic! But my cam was dead!

2006-01-27 20:11:03 ET


Whenever I absolutely need to take a picture, I always discover that the batteries are dead, or something similar.

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