2006-02-07 23:26:42 ET

Today x me x my mood = Blah..............

2006-02-08 05:06:50 ET

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

2006-02-08 06:59:14 ET

Happy Birthday!

2006-02-08 07:21:25 ET

Well, happy birthday anyway!

2006-02-08 07:28:37 ET

Happy birthday!


2006-02-08 10:58:12 ET

Happy Birthday

Happy Naked Day

Hope your day is filled with fun and you get lots of great stuff. Or at least do some serious drinking and partying

2006-02-08 13:47:35 ET

happy womb liberation day...

2006-02-08 18:20:32 ET

Well quit it. It's your birthday, so be happy damn it. <3 You are loved muchly.

2006-02-08 21:17:46 ET

Thank you all! Thank you,Every single one of you guys and gals! If only you guys could of saved me from a horendous shift at work:P And yes! I had one beer after work. I are living dangerously now:P *Huge hugs to all!

2006-02-08 21:27:15 ET

:) You're more than welcome.

...gage didn't spank you, did he?

2006-02-09 06:40:14 ET

Cuz if he did, I brought a camera!

2006-02-09 09:25:18 ET

Nah! No spankings this year! *grumbles.......

2006-02-09 10:25:00 ET

Aww man!
*puts back the whip...

2006-02-10 07:46:49 ET

yeah! Suucks huh! No whips, paddles, flogs or pinwheels! There's always next year!

2006-02-10 09:35:32 ET

*evil grin*
D_D o_0

::reaches for a walrus boner(eskimo baseball bat)::

Hehehe....I'm counting down the days...muahhahahahaa!

2006-02-11 00:51:03 ET

happy belated birthday from the klemmy!

2006-02-11 08:13:59 ET

Thanks Mr. Klemmy... sir!

*thinks..not sure how the neighbours would handle it, if I got chased by someone weilding a walrus boner! Ha ha ha ha ha ha......

2006-02-13 06:02:07 ET

A Kodak moment... ;-)

2006-02-14 02:35:03 ET

Definately a kodak moment!

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