2006-03-02 21:51:02 ET

Survived another night of telemarketing! The last two hours till 11pm are the hardest push of the night shift! Besides the odd comments of people I speak too asking me if I actually live in the USA, And fluently speak English! My replys are yes and another yes!!!! Do I solicit? Proudly and unabashed I say..."Yes! I do!" Had to remove my postings off of myspace.com due to a nosy somebody at work reporting me. And having a head supervisor tell me five times that my postings were seen! Not like I mentioned whom I work for, or mentioned names! But still. I want too try to be at peace, minus the the drama that's sure to ensue! My back aches, throat dry and horse, fingers and ears sore from the tappity tap tap of the keyboard. Eyes hurt from the poor refresh rate of work's monitors! Where's callgon when you need it? Where's that good loving hug, and the whisper of a significant other telling you that your okay and for the most part safe? That would be a big fucking negative, nil, zip, nada! One can only have dreams what it is like to once be a whole human being again. I guess that why we dream? It is the only thing some of us can afford mentally and emotionally!!!! Time for grub, and a lonesome slumber......

2006-03-03 10:44:15 ET


Well, if it's any consolation, I also have a lonesome slumber every night.

2006-03-03 21:50:47 ET

Get's old doesn't it?

2006-03-03 22:37:12 ET

Just a bit.

I do have a very manly dog and cat team that comes to the bed nightly, but it's just not the same ;)

2006-03-04 01:36:35 ET

i remember those lonesome nights.

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