2006-03-09 21:19:07 ET

Last week in one of our tiers at work. We were told we had to rebuttle twice. Fucking sucks trying to rebuttle a veteran, the elderly and those who are ineligible for what we offer insurance wise from banks! Fucking retarded if you ask me! What do you expect too gain from rebuttling those who are more then covered due to serving their country, and those who can not afford this product. And even worse..... Those that have been completely hounded to death due to bad dispositioning!!!! The answer is nil!!!! But yet we are still pushed at work too do so! People get aggitated, us telemarketers get just as agitated as you do! How many dialects can you be told to fuck off in. And not have a persoanl 10 minute tourettes fit on break in the parking lot??? Just a word too those you may receive future calls from telemarketers. Like me. They struggle from day to day making ends meet as best as possible! It's not the fanciest of jobs, but it gets us by. And no!! We don't get anything if were move a product! We do like it when people are friendly, and do tell us straight out that they are not interested! We may rebuttle you cause we have too, but honestly don't want too! Being nice goes alot further. Thank god this is only a temporary job!!!

2006-03-09 21:23:47 ET

I was a telemarketer once. It was a really crappy job and I hated it.

2006-03-10 06:34:14 ET

Yeah! It can be quite shitty, and drag slowly while on a shift!!! tonight is going too suck! Who on a Friday night, wants to hear me sell insurance?!

2006-03-10 12:56:14 ET

Better than selling penis ehancing pills.

2006-03-10 18:50:21 ET

I'm sorry, but I generally hang up on telemarketers.

Of course, if I KNEW it was you, I wouldn't ;)

2006-03-11 07:05:07 ET

Ha! You'd never know it were me! I can be stealth like that:P

2006-03-11 17:57:25 ET

I have a skav detector on my phone.

2006-03-12 00:33:56 ET

My alter ego's voice is smooth and very friendly sounding!So beware when your phone rings. It may be me, soliciting you!

2006-03-12 07:29:42 ET

My equipment detects for all values of Skav. ;)

2006-03-12 14:28:22 ET

I've met some superly nice people on the phone! But the majority are just pricks!

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