2006-03-12 00:40:48 ET

Monday is the last day of my bi-weekly three day weekends. And also a day for my interview with another company. You can laugh at this one all you like! But I have an interview with a company that makes garbage trucks. Filled an application for this job about 3 months ago. And I get a call the other day from the head bigwig of the company(* not HR personal). He liked my resume. And want's to have a one on one interview with me. I asked him what the job would entail. He said, he wanted to see what his company could offer me, and what I could offer his company! And that we'd talk about it on Monday. Starting wage is almost thirteen an hour, plus full benefeits,401k, etc etc.If it all works out and seems reasonable, I may take it. And keep my telemarketing job as a part time job, too save some money for the house!

Just need to find a good woman to share it with!

2006-03-12 07:25:25 ET

That sounds great! Good luck. :)

2006-03-12 14:29:36 ET

Been rubbing the lucky rabbits foot all day long!!!!

2006-03-12 14:30:39 ET


How was your day?

2006-03-12 15:43:31 ET

kick ass!

2006-03-13 12:41:49 ET

The interview end up being two hours! Got a tour of the whole facility. I was given this test, with math I haven't used since high school! Made me feel kinda dumb, not remembering! I passed the degrees and angles test, and translating blueprints without a sweat(*thank fuck! for high school CAD!) I was offered a job, handling materials of the steel kind. Which is a no brainer. Since you have a 2 ton lift too help you move them, just press that jolly red button, and your material moves along! Of course walking thru the factory reminded me of OZ! I was aksed if I could use anything else in the factory. Told them drill presses, metal lathes, grinders(de burring), and spray guns for painting the bodies of the trucks, welding-oxy and plasma.. They said they would have too put me on the material handling for a couple of weeks. The plant boss saw my app. And said I had done alot of plumbing. And asked how I felt about working with hydrolics! Told him I learn quick. And ask lots of questions. Cause your only stupid if you don't ask, if your unaware! He laughed. So I guess it was a good answer:) Once again, I have to start moving materials, then in a couple of weeks after they see how I work out, I can be moved accordingly!

Job hours I put in for was first shift 4:00am-2:30pm(monday-thursday) Raises are given at 3,6,9,12,18 month increments. I believe starting pay is, till the 3 month probationary period is something like 10.75 hour! Full benefits:)

2006-03-14 09:06:12 ET

hydralics has simple princples, so you should pick it up fine.

2006-03-14 18:04:36 ET

YAY! That's so great!

2006-03-14 19:47:17 ET

Got a call before shift. Saying that they will call me tomorrow:(...Grrrrrrr.......................

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