2006-03-25 07:25:01 ET

The life of a Machinest never ends! Got the job and started last Thursday. My average start time is between 4 and 6am(*depending on orders), and ends at 2:30pm. I hit my second job at 5pm-9pm now(*less telemarketing makes a happy Skav)

I love working with my hands. Always have!Plus the fact that everyone I work with is pretty cool. Though I get odd stares due too the ink. Had 3 people this week ask how long I was in for(jail). Messed with their heads, and said I didn't do any time. Cause smart people don't get caught! That raised some dubious eyebrows:)

2006-03-25 13:57:13 ET

always the witty one.

2006-03-25 13:57:17 ET


2006-03-27 17:27:29 ET

I'm not the world's most wittiest person. Just a genuine smart ass with a dry sense of humour:P

2006-03-28 00:54:12 ET

yeah we all cant be Oscar Wilder or Morrissey

2006-04-08 14:27:21 ET

You mean a pedifile or the pope of mope? Ha ha ha ha ha.......Nah! Just a scrawny machinest!

2006-04-08 23:23:36 ET

lol exactly.

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