This week..............
2006-04-28 20:31:26 ET

Week 7 at my machinest/fabrication job. Quit the telemarketing job Tuesday afternnon. Couldn't even stand being in a 50 ft radius of the building. Like polyester. It made my skin crawl just dwelling on it!

Found out this week, that I can buy any type of metal(v-shaped, tubular, or sheet,(*up to 4 inches thick) etc etc...)for 8 cents a pound! And even use the machines at work on my free time, to work on projects cleared by managers:)So now I'm thinking of designing a full wrought iron fence, complete with entry way trellis(8ft) for the house. 4ft high in the front, and 6 ft high in the back. Just need to get more interior work done first.And a mig welder.Thing that sucks is...The tax return is all going towards property taxes:( But since my property has been re-evaluated as a single dwelling home and not a multi dwelling one. Taxes next year should be cheaper:)

Still debating what to get inked on my knuckles. Have about 50 or so catch four letter,two word phrases written down.

Getting ticked at growing my hair back! I so just wanna shave it all off again!!!!Meh...........

2006-04-28 20:36:04 ET

Yay! :)

2006-05-08 11:26:36 ET

like in the email, do not get LOVE or HATE or HOLD FAST, maybe some sort of family thing

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