2006-06-06 17:55:37 ET

At the end of this week I should technically have my 90 day review! Notice the technically part. Our supervisors made a trip to the John Deere factory too see how their operations run. I've always believed that happy and content employees were overall more productive? Let's see how they decide to rearrange the factory. They've already taken away our radios. Let's see what else happens!

As for my injury a few weeks back(at work). Got a metal shard the size of a zippo flint in my eye at work. The left eye has pretty much stopped itching for now. Still having semi flashbacks of them inserting a swab a 1/2 inch into my eye socket, then encircling the eyeball. Felt like a cat's sandpapery tongue licking the eyeball:P

My doorstop of a cat is finally at the house. He freaked out when I let him out of his carrier. He hid in his litterbox for a few hours before he decided it was safe. He has still yet to venture upstairs without me carrying him. Lazy bastard!!!

2006-06-07 01:04:45 ET

i still have flashbacks of breaking me leg at work. getting hurt at work blows!

2006-06-07 11:15:12 ET

It does.You always wonder in the back of your mind. If your co-workers think your a pussy for reporting the incident? Especially when your co-workers look like extras from Oz!!!!

2006-06-08 09:46:00 ET

i think some of mine ARE extras from oz.

2006-06-12 12:38:33 ET

awww, hiding in the litter box is cute.

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