2006-07-21 21:27:54 ET

Today started out as a regular Friday! Got home. And had to schlep up to the post office for a letter. Come too find out once again. The IRS wasn't satisfied with my 2003 tax statement I sent in:( They say I now owe them an excess of almost 14,000 dollars, plus penalties! Does it ever fucking stop? Where the fuck am I going to come up with that amount?????? I'm already on an extremely tight budget! I should just be fucking medicated..........

2006-07-21 21:50:49 ET

I fear my mailbox all I ever get in it is bills or.. bills! or hey look there.. it's BILLS! I thought were suppose to get Publishers Clearing House You May Already Be A Winner stuff in it?.. I hate my mailbox if it wasn't attached to my door i'd hope a gang of juvenile delinquents would play mailbox baseball to it.

2006-07-21 23:32:04 ET

oh dear! irs fucking bunch of crooks...
isn't there some way you can contest that? if only we could get johnny cochrane and the damn wookie johnny. but should not take this lying down, or sitting, or whatever.

2006-07-22 09:00:59 ET

Sad part about all this is. I origionally went to H&R Block to do my taxes that year. And according to their specialists. I didn't have to file since I didn't work that year.

Last year I filled out all the paper work for 2003 and submitted it. And sent it registered mail to Sacramento. Though I live in Iowa(*Go figure!). Hadn't heard squat since that time. Till now.....

2006-07-22 09:33:36 ET

that's all so fucked up! they just had to find another poor person to pick on. you should kick h&r block right in the ass for their part in this.

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